Hello, my name is Johnny and I am a straight 16 year old guy in Los Angeles. I feel very strongly on the subject of gay rights.

I named my blog "That's So Happy" because the phrase "That's so gay" is thrown around a lot. The word "gay" means happy. So what you're really saying is "That's So Happy." I hope one day this will be true.

Whether you are for or against gay rights, I urge you to leaf through the site and see the views of someone who truly cares about this issue.

I would like to ask you not to post any offensive comments.

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February 21, 2010


I think that when you read this blog, it might seem that I'm harsh.

I have no intention whatsoever to be mean. I think it's just useful to state the facts as they are.

However, I can't stress how much kindness means to people who have challenging lives.

When someone comes out of the closet to you, they don't want you to state like a robot: "Well that's perfectly normal because 8% of the population are gay and that's cool and you should tell _____ about it."

No, they want a hug and a congratulations, probably.

Just being nice to someone can completely make his/her day.

Just telling a girl she looks pretty, telling a guy that he's a genius, telling a girl she's a genius, telling a guy that he's handsome can make someone's entire day. It's just a fact.

So I would just like to stress the importance of kindness in general. Because it is fantastic. Like every human being on earth.

Stay happy.



  1. Great blog! Most straight guys at my school wouldn't be caught dead near anything gay-related. A GSA would be out of the question. Thanks for being brave and open-minded. I agree we don't tell people enough nice things, a kind comment can really make someone's day :)

  2. I agree! I came out to some Christian friends of mine yesterday. That is, a guy a year or two older than me and his parents (it came up in conversation, you see). He was like 'OK' but his parents had such a blank face that they either didn't hear me or didn't want to air their opinion in such a public place. I guess if they don't bring it up next Sunday, it's ok with them.

    I prepared for the worst and got such an anti-climatic reaction that it made me nervous. A hug would have been great.

  3. I love the idea behind your blog (I found it via Lee Wind's blog). I get annoyed when people use the expression "that's so gay" because you're right gay means happy so it should be used as a compliment, but too often it's not. Looking forward to reading your future posts, keep up the great work! (And Tango Makes Three sounds adorable)

    You're so right. Just one compliment can make a person's day and put a smile on their face.