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February 6, 2010

Gay Straight Alliances

I am a part of the Gay Straight Alliance at my school. There are many things that this organization is called--I've heard Alliance, Friends of Lesbians And Gays (F.L.A.G), and many others. But they all boil down to the same thing.

Basically, GSA is a place where people who support gay rights can meet. At our school, this is basically a few students and a few teachers, with one gay parent at the school thrown in. But it can be anyone.

GSAs serve a multitude of purposes.

Of course, if you are gay and are seeking a safe place where you can talk about your feelings, bingo.

But there is another, more interesting layer.

GSA is, to put it in the words of a member, "what Jerusalem is to the Jews."

Essentially, GSA is a place that gay kids (or faculty for that matter), despite whether they are out of the closet or not, are aware of. And that is unbelievably important.

It's important for those insecure about themselves to know that their school is supportive.

Interestingly, many homosexual kids at our school don't go to GSA. I assume that a) if they haven't come out yet, they don't want to seem at all like they are gay, and are scared of coming; b) just because they are gay, that doesn't mean they particularly pine for gay rights; or c) they have too much work due to my academically strenuous school (we meet at lunch).

At any rate, if you are a kid, start a GSA or join one at your school to show people that there are those out there who care. Because I'm sure that's easy to forget, despite our attempts (see the hate speech article or the bible article, or really any of them for examples of this).

Also, GSA doesn't have to be solemn or depressing by any means. Our GSA had a dessert party-- look at http://www.leewind.org/2009/12/gsa-party-time-why-your-gay-straight.html to see what we did.

And for me, GSA is just a place where I can see and talk to people who really care about others. Which is why you're reading this site, right? Maybe not.

Ah well, even if you don't start a GSA, or don't join one, do me a favor:

Stay happy.


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