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I named my blog "That's So Happy" because the phrase "That's so gay" is thrown around a lot. The word "gay" means happy. So what you're really saying is "That's So Happy." I hope one day this will be true.

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February 21, 2010

And Tango Makes Three

If you haven't heard of this book, look it up. It is probably one of my favorites of all time.

And Tango Makes Three is a picture book about two gay penguins in a zoo (based off a true story!) that make a nest and can't seem to figure out why they can't make an egg. So, the zookeeper gives them and egg and soon they have a cute little baby penguin (Tango!). They live happily as a family.

Cute, right?

This innocent picture book was the most challenged book in America for two years.


People just weren't comfortable with the idea of a happy gay family of PENGUINS. Imagine how much these people aren't comfortable with the idea of a gay famiy of PEOPLE. It's actually absurd.

At any rate, walk into a Barnes and Noble or somewhere and read it for a little while. It will put a smile on your face, guaranteed. And give it to any kid who is near you to read, too. Let's inspire this next generation to do the right thing.

So enjoy reading, and

Stay happy.


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