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March 14, 2010

Modern Family

Hello, everyone.

My apologies for not posting in a while.

Today's topic is the show on ABC called "Modern Family."

I love this show. It's hysterical.

That's not quite a legitimate reason for a post, however.

"Modern Family" is special because there's a gay couple: Cam and Mitchell.

Now, typically on sitcoms and comedies, if there's a gay couple, they're stereotypical, flamboyant, annoying, and still somewhat lovable.

These adjectives describe Cam to a T.

However, Mitchell and Cam seem unbelievably real. They are polar opposites, unbelievably maternal (paternal?) of their little adopted baby, Lily, and hysterical. The thing that always stands out to me, though, is how much they love each other and the family that they created.

The show, while it does make gay jokes, is always observant of gay rights, and I personally believe this show will do more good than harm on the topic.

I apologize for the messy wording of this article. I hope you got the underlying message?

Ah, well.

Stay happy.


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