Hello, my name is Johnny and I am a straight 16 year old guy in Los Angeles. I feel very strongly on the subject of gay rights.

I named my blog "That's So Happy" because the phrase "That's so gay" is thrown around a lot. The word "gay" means happy. So what you're really saying is "That's So Happy." I hope one day this will be true.

Whether you are for or against gay rights, I urge you to leaf through the site and see the views of someone who truly cares about this issue.

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March 1, 2010

Audio-Visual Fun!

Hello, everyone: time for some fun media.

This first picture is from a very close friend of mine. I find it hilarious. I don't know the picture's origin...it's not mine.

The following clip is a video that can be found on


or you can just use the link I provided in the links section (Johnny Weir Article).

Johnny Weir, a figure skater, was teased and poked fun at by lots of people about his Olympics costume. This is his response. Enjoy!


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  2. That seems like blatant advertising. But the Hunger Games are my favorite.