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October 3, 2010


So it's been forever.

Between school, Scotland, and just general laziness, I haven't posted in forever.

I'm now president of my GSA and am very, very happy. Life is great.

But that isn't a good enough reason for a blog post, especially after what, a year?

Recently, a boy at Rutgers College committed suicide.

He was a freshman, and was openly gay but shy. He requested use of his room for the night to his roommate. His roomate agreed, but set up a webcam to record whatever he was doing. The gay boy ended up having sexual relations with another guy, and all of it was captured on the webcam. The roommate, apparently along with a female friend, took the resulting video and posted it online. The boy found out, and was so horrified and embarrassed that he committed suicide.

Wow. I'm actually speechless.

Why in the world would a person be so intentionally cruel, so malicious? Why did the other guy post it online? Did he think he would become more popular? Girls would like him? He'd have more friends?

How did he not see any of this coming? What an idiot.

It saddens me that there are people like this in the world. You don't have to approve of gay marriage, of gay people. But to invade a person's privacy and record them doing something they wouldn't want anyone to see, let alone the world wide web...that's just awful. Even if he was straight.

On the other hand, I think it's sad that the boy resorted to suicide. I think it was definitely an overreaction. Saying that, I don't know what his life was like, what it would become. I am a firm believer that suicide is NEVER the answer. You can always get help. (Email me if you need that help, or call TeenLine or something of the sort).

But that does, in no circumstance, change the horror I feel at this act.

A moment of silence.

Thank you for listening, faithful viewers.

Stay happy.


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